This summer, the world was introduced to the brand new fantasy series by Alane Adams, Legends of Orkney! The Norse mythology-infused story of a 12-year-old boy who is anything but ordinary has fans across the country falling for book one, The Red Sun.

In addition to releasing the first novel in this six-book series, a new mobile game based on The Red Sun was also released. BattleKasters was toured around the country at seven different fan cons including Emerald City Comicon, C2E2, Denver Comic Con, Comic Con International in San Diego, and New York Comic Con.

But there’s even more to the story.

Now, in partnership with Pop Culture Classroom, Alane is releasing The Red Sun Curriculum.

Completely aligned with Common Core guidelines, this new curriculum will give teachers the opportunity to introduce a modern fantasy series to students while staying in line with national standards.

At the core of the books, the game, and Alane’s literacy organization is the deep desire to get kids and teens excited about reading. This new curriculum does just that! Students will be able to enjoy the magic of the series while also gaining valuable insight into the process of reading with purpose.

Download the free curriculum and handout for The Red Sun now and get your students excited for their next assignment.