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Meet the Characters

Get to know the Legends of Orkney world better when you explore the cast! Meet gods, witches and our heroes…

First appears in The Red Sun on pg. 140

Akkar is a large, squid-like creature who guards the water surrounding the witches on Balfour Island.

First appears in The Red Sun on pg. 123

Biters are “giant insects that can drain all your blood in less than a minute” that live on Balfour Island.

First appears in The Red Sun on pg. 238

Brunin is the Norse mythology god Odin in physical form. He appears to Keely, Mavery and Leo as “a bear. Not an ordinary bear, but a giant one, at least two stories tall. Standing upright on its hind legs and dressed in leather armor, the beast let out a terrifying roar. It clutched a round wooden shield in one paw and a broadsword in the other. Its stout head was encased in a helmet of metal and leather. One eye was adorned with a black silken patch.”

First appears in The Red Sun on pg. 72

“Catriona’s piercing green eyes stared back at her under a mane of thick gray hair that flowed down her back. Catriona was the greatest witch ever to stalk the nine realms. Now she was trapped inside a rock, her powers shackled by Odin’s magic.”

First appears in The Red Sun on pg. 11

Deathstalkers are a scorpion-like creatures whose bite guarantees death… except in Sam. Stung as a baby, he shouldn’t have survived, but he did.

First appears in The Red Sun on pg. 14

Endera is a nasty witch who posed as a substitute in Sam’s class. In addition to turning Sam’s teacher into a lizard, Endera arrives to find the half-God, half-witch her fellow sisters so desperately seek.

First appears in The Red Sun on pg. 90

An Eifalian and son of King Einolach, Gael is a leader that greets Sam upon his arrival to the Ninth Realm. “The Eifalians were reed-thin and wore long robes of shimmering greens and aquamarine that changed color in the light. Their pale skin glowed faintly… But their hair was the most striking, an alabaster white, like the color of the moon on a clear night.”

First appears in The Red Sun on pg. 59

Hestera is the oldest member of the witch coven that seeks to capture and use Sam in their evil plot. “As the eldest member of their coven, Hestera fancied herself in charge. She hobbled toward them, bent over a knobby cane topped by a magnificent emerald-colored stone.”

First appears in The Red Sun on page 13.

Sam’s friend Howie is kidnapped by the witch Endera and used as bait to lure Sam into Orkney. He is extremely loyal and becomes indispensable in helping Sam with his mission.

First appears in The Red Sun on pg. 136

Jasper is an old sailor who ushers Sam and Mavery to Balfour Island through monster-infested waters. A magical sort, he is able to breathe wind into the sails of his boat. “An elderly man. Long gray hair spilled down his back in a wild mass. His wiry beard stretched to his belly. He had knobby hands, a hollow chest, and canvas shorts tied around his waist with a length of rope.”

First appears in The Red Sun on page 13.

Another close friend of Sam, Keely is quiet yet brave. She is kidnapped alongside Howie to lure Same into Orkney, but Sam has given her a rune stone for protection.

First appears in The Red Sun on pg. 21

Leo attends school with Sam, but is much more than a classmate. As a member of the Umatilla tribe, he was also, secretly, a protector of Sam’s. “His long black hair was tied neatly in a ponytail. He wore a flannel shirt over faded jeans. With his almond skin, he was obviously Umatilla.”

First appears in The Red Sun on pg. 69

A fast companion of Sam’s in the Ninth Realm, Mavery not only helps Sam navigate the unfamiliar land and creatures of Orkney, she too is a witch learning to understand her powers. “Her hair was black and uneven, as if she had cut it herself. She had shiny black eyes like those of a crow.”

First appears in The Red Sun on pg. 259

Odin is the ruler of all Gods in Norse mythology and Sam is a descendant of the great being. Sam journeys far to seek the guidance of Odin in order to save his friends. “an old man with thick gray hair and the eagle’s same blazing, blue topaz eyes. The man was barefoot and draped in a simple cloth sheath knotted at the waist like a toga. A crown of leaves wrapped around his forehead. It was evident that he had been strong and handsome in his youth.”

First appears in The Red Sun on pg. 209

The Omera is a dragon-like species who attacks Sam and his friends. Though frightening, this event allows Sam to truly test his powers. The Omera “black as night, with wings that spanned the length of its body, it towered over Keely, stalking her on two legs. Its beak was lined with razor-sharp teeth that glistened with blood. It had a long, thin tail with a spike on the end that looked like it could impale him with one jab.”

First appears in The Red Sun on pg. 13

Mr. Platz is the first innocent victim of the witches’ evil powers. When Endera arrives in Sam’s classroom not only has she taken over Mr. Platz’s class, she’s turned the poor teacher into a lizard.

First appears in The Red Sun on pg. 96

The Rathos are another race of nasty creatures inhabiting Balfour Island. While imprisoned, Keely and Howie encounter these biting, oversized rodents.

First appears in The Red Sun on pg. 22

As helpful as he is ornery, Rego is the dwarf that appears to Sam to explain his bloodline and the dark secrets that plague his father’s disappearance. Leading Sam through the stonefire, Rego serves as Sam’s guide and protector as he tries to guide the boy to help save Orkney from the red sun.

First appears in The Red Sun on pg. 13

Sam is our hero, who is unknowingly being hunted by just about every good and bad character from Orkney. He is a descendant of Odin as well as the first he-witch in generations, making his ultimate fate in Orkney questionable. Will he save, or destroy, the realm?

First appears in The Red Sun on pg. 75

Vor, the Goddess of Wisdom, appears to Sam to help him sort through the complicated aspects of his half-god, half-witch lineage. In a prophetic conversation, Vor shares her concerns and warnings regarding what the future holds for Sam.

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