Q: Why did you choose Norse History and Mythology as a backdrop for your stories?

The age-old legends of Nordic mythology tell timeless tales of the world of gods and goddesses who dwelled in Asgard at the beginning of time. I have always loved mythology-based stories and find the use of ancient gods and mythological artifacts woven into modern life to be endlessly fascinating.

Q: Who is the most famous Norse God?

The primary figure in Nordic mythology was Odin, the father god who oversaw all creation, particularly his beloved mankind. According to the old tales, Odin divided the world into nine separate realms which were connected through the Tree of Life, the Yggdrasil Tree. At the top was Asgard, the home of the gods. In the middle was Midgard, the world of mankind and Odin’s favorite creation. Below Midgard was the underworld of Nifelheim, the world of the dead.

Q: What happened to all those ancient gods and goddesses?

The gods and goddesses of Norse mythology walked the earth until the time of Ragnarok when a great battle took place and the gods retreated from the earth. They still live on in the Great Halls of Asgard and have their stories told and retold in books like The Red Sun.

Q: What can you tell us about the realm of Orkney you created?

The Legends of Orkney™ series takes place in an imaginary realm drawn from Norse mythology and a host of fictional characters. Legends of Orkney™ begins with a young boy named Sam Baron who is thrust into a whole new world when a strange dwarf shows up to warn him he is in danger. When Sam winds up in the magical realm of Orkney, he learns that in the days when gods like Odin walked the earth, magic existed in all of the world. The nine realms of Odin were joined as one universe. But when a band of witches led by an ancient he-witch named Rubicus cast a spell to turn the sun a poisonous red, it nearly ended mankind.

Q: How did Odin stop the curse?

Odin stopped the curse by cutting off Rubicus’ head and cursed the witches to never again bear a male child. As the time of the gods passed, the witches slowly regained their powers, though every child born was female.

Q: Wait, there were no male witches?

No! Not a one. The witches were full of hatred towards mankind especially one: Catriona, a descendent of Rubicus. These were dark days in Midgard, the days of kings and knights, what we knew as medieval times. One man, Hermodan, then King of Orkney, formed an alliance with the magic folk to fight the witches. The king was no ordinary man. Hermodan was a direct descendent of Odin, the only one capable of crossing from Midgard to Asgard, the home of the gods, to ask Odin for his help. Hermodan returned with Odin’s Stone which he used to defeat the witches and trap Catriona and a handful of her sister witches in stone forever. Convinced magic would be the undoing of mankind, Odin decided to destroy magic forever.

Q: Wow! Odin can do that?

Sure, but Hermodan pleaded for mercy for the magic folk who had done no wrong. He offered part of his kingdom as a sanctuary, a handful of Orkney islands to be plucked from Midgard and cast into the Ninth Realm of Asgard under Odin’s protection. All creatures of magic, good and bad were forced to go. Many of the Orkadians, ordinary human-folk who lived on the islands also chose to go, helping to build the new world of Orkney.

Click here for a map of Orkney

Q: So there really is a place called Orkney? I don’t know my geography.

Yes! Orkney is a series of islands off the coast of Scotland. Many of the names and places in the Legends of Orkney™ series comes from the rich history of this charmed set of islands.

Q: Tell us more about your main character, Sam Baron.

Ok, let’s meet Sam and some of his friends on the other side

Sam is a twelve-year-old boy who just happens to be a direct descendent of Odin. When he finds out his mother is a witch, he begins to understand the potent magic that flows through his veins. Sam has a temper and it gets him into a lot of trouble!

Howie is the twelve-year-old best friend of Sam. With his glasses and curly hair, he gets picked on at school a lot. Sam always has his back, and when Howie is kidnapped by a witch and taken to Orkney, he knows Sam will come after him.

Keely is a twelve-year-old girl who helps Sam with his algebra homework. When she gets taken along with Howie to Orkney, she worries she will never see her father again.

Leo is a young Umatilla boy who has a strange connection to Sam. With the long twisting scar on his arm, he shows up when Sam needs help the most.

Mavery is a ten-year-old witch girl Sam befriends when he arrives in Orkney. She is an annoying imp with a mischievous heart but she knows everything about Orkney. Sam would be lost without her.

Rego is an annoying dwarf who brings Sam to Orkney through a stonefire. He’s always trying to get Sam to do the right thing. The problem is, Sam can’t quite figure out what the right thing is to do.

Q: Can we expect all kinds of strange people and creatures in this new realm?

Yes! Orkney is filled with strange creatures and new races of people. Like many Norse tales, the essence of elven magic and fearsome creatures is embedded in the story.

Eifalians are an elven race of people famed for their ability to read auras. They live in the far north region called Torf-Einnar

Falcory are a tribe of fierce warriors with hawk-like noses. They have elevated senses that make them excellent hunters.

The Vanir represent a race of frost-giants that live in the icy north. They have the strength of ten men and are ruthless enemies of the Eifalians. They live in Rakim which borders Torf-Einnar

Balfins form a dark race of men who follow the black magic of the witches. Shaved heads and black cowls are their trademark. They receive their magic in the form of trinkets from the witches. They live on Balfour Island where the witches have taken refuge.

Now for some of the creatures. There are some pretty awful ones!

Sneevils are tusked creatures shaped like boars who can tear a man’s insides out with one thrust of their snouts.

Omera are large black winged creatures with dark hearts and a fierce hunting instinct.

Shreeks are bat-like creatures with the souls of men trapped inside them

Q: I’m sure your readers will have lots of questions. What’s the best way to reach you?

I love readers’ comments and questions. Please sign up for the e-mail list or contact me directly at author@alaneadams.com. Thanks for stopping by!